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MLB Uncommon Epics World Tour Shirts


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Is there some standard as to what the sizes are? I was accustomed to wearing medium sized shirts, but it seems like, in some cases, "medium" as grown in recent years. Maybe I'm just frustrated about the inconsistencies. What really bothers me is finding the right pair of pants. I'm a 30" waist, and trying to find anything that as a 30" waist is like finding a needle in a haystack... :wacko:

It's not just your perception, it's reality.

As America grows fatter, clothing manufacturers slide the scale so we don't feel so bad about it.

If you think we blokes have it bad, you should try shopping for a wife. The sizing on women's clothes bear no resemblance to each other, or to reality.

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Not as backordered as I thought - got mine in the mail today, and it's gorgeous. Soft brushed cotton.

Warning for those who want to buy one - they're not kidding about the sizing. It fits snugly. Makes me glad I go to the gym every morning, because it's definitely an athletic fit.

Well worth the price.

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