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Ot-long island man wants to buy expos


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I completly agree. Get a new stadium, a playoff team, and a new owner, and maybe we could see some fans out there. Montreal could get people from Vermont, Upstate NY, Maine, New Hampshire as fans.

And if all else fails, they could just play the Red Sox 162 times....

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Washington didnt not support the Sens. the first sens moved due to racist ownership and the second sens moved due to greedy ownership.

as far as the O's go, the reason they dont sell out is low quality and a general dislike of the ownership, but they still draw enuff fans.

if the top 3 markets in the country can support 2 teams, then the 3rd one can too. esp. if one is AL and one is NL. this city deserves a baseball team more than any city in the world right now, and to continue to deny them one is absolutly ludacris.

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#1, The Senators had low attendance.  I'd love to see your numbers.

#2, the Expos weren't great, neither were the O's.  If people won't come out for bad O's, what makes you think they'll come out for very long for bad Expos... Montreal sure didn't.

#3, anyone go to an Expos game in '93, or '94???

#5, I don't like the number 4.

#6, teams cycle.  Fans cycle.  But bad ownership has left the Expos bad for a long time.  Would you support a horrendous team that constantly was selling off their future???  The Bengals are bad, people show their dis-support for Mike Brown and the way he runs the team by not showing up.  Does this mean there are no football fans in Cincinati?  I remember there being rabid fans back when the team was good and Boomer was guiding the team to the Super Bowl.

If the Rangers and Knicks miss the playoffs again this year, and fansleave MSG empty to show that they will not pay for a bad product, does this signal NY as not a basketball or hockey town?

HOCKEYTOWN!!! Anyone remember what Olympia was like...?

Empty.  The team stunk.

Hmm, shall the list go on?

What teams had no fan support... SF Giants?... NJ Devils?... Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Good owners + spend $ on good players = wins = fans.

Relocation and new arenas = novelty.


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The solution to the problem is easy.  Move the Spo's to Washington and let 'em split time between RFK and Camden Yards.  Send the O's back to St. Louis and bring back the Browns :D   (sorry Shark)!  

No, I'm not serious but felt the need to say it anyway. At least the O's will be wearing the brown, orange and grey when they visit Busch in June.

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the senators had fine attendence for a team that was perenially in last place. (by the way, i'd love to see ur numbers)

the O's get low support because fans from washington want THEIR OWN TEAM. baltimore has seperate fans and what they do is thier business. about 5% of O's fans come from Northern VA which would be the major support base for the new Senators. Fairfax County alone has more people than many MLB cities. a team playing in DC would draw its fans from this huge emerging metropolis. what Baltimore does is baltimore's business, baltimore has always had cyclical attendence,, and right now its on a down swing.  however, Northern VA alone would be able to support a team by itself with no help from DC-area marylanders. so think of how much support they would recieve with the whole beltway area behind them.

its an open and shut case, Montreal is indifferent to baseball. wheres the outrage? most of the "save the expos" campaign comes from outside montreal. DC should have a team and in the end common sense will prevail.

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