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I dont belove in Carolina at all Philly gets to teh Super Bowl showing 3rd time is a charm, as for the AFC I just dont know yet Ill make my pick later this week.
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I'd like to see what Paynomind has predicted come to pass.

Yes, the Colts destroyed my beloved Broncos in embarrassing fashion, however I have a deep-rooted dislike towards the Patriots. And the Eagles... well, let's just say I want to see Troy Vincent and Brian Dawkins get their rings.

Having said that, I think it'll be tough for Indianapolis to put up the kind of offensive numbers they're used to in Foxboro. Should be interesting how that game plays out.

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Based on what I saw this afternoon.....or rather didn't see from Philadelphia. I'd say Carolina.

They too can and will run against the porous Philly D......only they should be able to generate a much better pass rush than my beloved choking Packers..... and probably with only four guys......leaving ample men to cover their pathetic receivers and maybe......just maybe.......even the middle of the field??!!!?!

My god I'm disgusted.

Fourth and 26. fourth and 26?!?! good. deserved to lose.

If I remember correctly (& I always do), Green Bay had at least eight sacks on Donovan McNabb.

EDIT: Panthers win in a hard-fought, runners-only game.

Score is 17-13.

AFC would be Pats, 24-20.

SB XXXVIII is Panthers (wishful thinking) over the Patriots, 20-10.

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Carolina, but not by much.

Even without Stephen Davis, the Panthers shut down the Rams in their own home, a domain the Rams haven't lost in since the 2002 season. Sure, it took the Panthers two overtimes (which should have never happened to begin with), but they won. Delhomme's team believes in him and they will once again find a way to systematically dismantle the Eagles and make it to their first Super Bowl.

If the Colts win, then I'd say the Panthers have a good shot at winning it all. If the Pats win (which they will), forget about it.

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