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University of Denver mascot controversy.


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i was thinking last night, dont Tennessee-chatanooga call the sports teams the Moccasins but look at the logo: its a bird on a train!!!!!

actually, UTC shortened it to "Mocs" a while back, and while the mascot is a mockingbird on said train (the Chattanooga choo-choo), they generally deny that "Mocs" is short for "Mockingbirds" now.

yeah...just like some BYU bigwigs still try to pass their navy blue off as the darkest possible royal blue.

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I can't believe they never figured out how to make a "covered wagon at speed" logo or a strong looking dude with long shotgun in his hand to be a Pioneer.

No college in Denver, of which Littlewood/Columbine is a suburb, would be crazy enough to use a mascot with a gun. I like the covered wagon idea though.

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Just to recap, here are the guesses people took at what their current logo is supposed to represent:

stylized cap

axe blade

Cylon fighter

muddled mess


old wagon

footprint in the mud

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