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Well-known universitys?


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Just a pretty random question from me. I was doing some paper today for graduation and I had to fill out some schools that i could possibly be interested in and the major that I would be applying for if i went there. I found out surprisingly, that not nearly as many colleges have graphic design programs than i had thought.

I'd really like to be a graphic artist for a living, and i figure that's what college is for, right?

So I'm asking any of you who have went to school for Graphic Design or Illustration, where you went, and if you know any other colleges that offer good visual arts programs (especially in the tri-sate area (OH, PA, NY) or anywhere in Virginia since i could get in-state tuition there because of my mom's residency  :;): ) . I'd really appreciate any reponse anyone could offer.


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Art & Design Colleges:

Pratt (my alum)- Brooklyn

School of Visual Arts- Manhattan

Parsons School of Design-Manhattan

Rhode Island School of Design- Providence

Art Center- California

Columbus College of Art & Design - Ohio

Universities with very good design programs: (that I know of)


Penn State


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SCAD is a phenominal graphics program. You should aspire to getting in there, and settle for somewhere else. Warning: it aint cheap.

Myself, I went to Georgia Tech and majored in Industrial design specializing in 2D design for corporate identity. That major, which is in the Architecture department, is a very flexible degree that the head of the dept allowed and worked with me to tailor to what I really wanted to do. Which was, at the time, logos for businesses. I have translated that major into web design as well. However, I was not traditionally schooled in design the same way as SCAD would have. I admire those who make it through there, and it doens't surprise me one bit that or local Nitro went there.

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