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Random team re-design No1


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I was just browsing the logos in the site and for no real reason decided I would re-design random teams. The first one is Calgary Stampeders.

Havent changed much on the Primary logo. Changed the horse colour, added fades and put some gold into the colour scheme. The Secondary logo is a modernised version of the Stampeders 1953 to 1967 logo. Ive changed the font in the word mark from what they have now to what I thought suited my redesign, and I've designed my own uniforms.

Any C&C is welcome :D





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Sorry, I'm not liking it, I think this is a downgrade from what they currently have. The introduction of gold doesn't make much sense, keep it 3 color; red, white and black. The gold and black alternate looks like a NO Saints uni and unfortunately is the best looking one out of the bunch. Nice work, but it's a no from me.

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this is a paint by numbers, not a concept

I also agree, i dont like how the pant stripes just fade into Bolivian

Bolivian or oblivion?


As others of said it's a downgrade, but the Alt Helmet looks really nice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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