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NEW Bowling Green Hockey Jerseys


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I like the crispness of the piping and orange shoulders. I do not like using the same logo on the shoulders as on the chest. Would rather keep shoulder logos and use a large falcon head without the BG.


I really hope that BROWN makes a return and that isn't black.

Overall they are nice, I'd give em a B+. Miss the brown tootsie roll jerseys!

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Our club team played Bowling Green's club team last season and with only 9 skaters we were able to keep it close through the second period, only to be squashed in the 3rd, ending up going to something crazy like 10-1. Anyway, I remember looking in the little shop they had there, I dont recall what the old template of the jersey was, but I remeber wanting to buy one badly. Was it close to the Islanders alt? Do you have any pictures to compare?

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