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Pac 10 Footy Series part 1 of 5


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heh, I've had something of a semi-hiatus, but now here we go, my college conference footy series are back. the way I usually do it is I put everything in one thread, but this time I'ma try it bucco B's way, sort of. There's gonna be 5 threads, 2 teams per, and as you may have figured, I'm pairing all the rivals together, so it's gonna be UW-Wazzu; Oregon-OSU...excuse me, OS; Stanford-Cal; UCLA-USC; and finally Arizona-ASU. First, the northernmost pair...hailing from the emerald city of Seattle, the Huskies of Washington...



and now, the pride of Pullman, the Cougars of Washington State...



speak on it...throw your rusted Lincolns in the tip jar

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look more like cheerleader outfits to me

The UW white tops are exactly the same as what the cheerleaders wear (or at least they used to). That said, it's such an obvious way for a UW team to go when not confined by the customs of their sport (as in, hoops would never allow a uniform like that, but footie would). It works. Wazzu's about what you'd expect.

Off to a solid start, 'Scrim...

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