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new meredith college logos


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meredith college, a women's college in raleigh unveiled a new logo today, along with a new nickname (more like an addition to their nickname) - release...they were previously just the "angels", they are now the "avenging angels"

the "M" is a thing of beauty...really nice...i know the "M" was done by skye designs, but i'm not sure about the rest...

i'm not sold on anything other than the "M", though...the wing is OK, but the wordmark is uninspired and looks like an out-of-the-box font...i feel quite certain that the wordmark was not skye's work, but i could be wrong

the new nickname is horrible...angels is such a unique nickname and very fitting for a women's college...no need to complicate things

here is the logo


about a year ago i proposed this to them...i think they made a wise decision to go with skye for the "M", although i think my idea, if executed better, could be really nice...


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I've always taken an interest in this college, given that's my surname.

Completely agree, "Avenging" is unneccessary.

Sounds like a TV show.

It will date, like calling your team The A Team would be ridicuous now.

Or the Hawaii Five O's.

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jordan - that is clearly a unique take on an angel and really well rendered...nice work

the thing that bothers me about the logo they chose is that everything feels so disjointed...i would say that even if i didn't know they were designed by different designers - the block M isn't even close to the font they chose and looks like it was just slapped on top of an angel wing and it looks to me like the red/maroon in the font is a hair lighter than the color of the M and in the wing...the individual parts of this logo aren't bad, but the sum of the whole is less than it's parts if you ask me - maybe skye can show us some of the stuff he proposed to them in the process (please, pretty please :))

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hey guys, sorry I didnt get to this sooner. I appreciate the props for the "M"...

For the sake of clarification, I'm posting my custom wordmark (that I had the understanding was final back in June) with an outline pattern matching the power "M". Apparently they preferred the one they did in the end.

I really cant post my primary logo options from a professional standpoint...but I assure you that they were all handcrafted, original, and thought out.

Hope this helps ppl read between the lines better. I know I'm still scratching my head.


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Tonight at an event that involves Meredith College, Peace College, and NC State students many girls from Meredith were wearing shirts featuring the new logo and wordmark. Also, my buddy's girlfriend is a Meredith student, and she says everyone over there isn't too happy with the "Avenging" part of the nickname. Oh, and she also complained the wing resembled a flame. That might be a stretch, but I think they're frustrated with the outcome.

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