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NCAA college sports sigs


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Here, at long last, is my v3.0 NCAA sig series. I will start with all the Big Ten teams, then the rest of the schools in the WCHA, then a bunch of other sigs I've done, and then I will open the floor to requests.


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Yes, I did make a Michigan sig too. But after losing at home to :censored: Appalachian State today, do they really still belong in the Big Ten? :P

Oh, what the hell... I'm feeling generous today.


And now on to the remaining WCHA schools:


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I did two sigs for Virginia Tech: a "regular" sig, and a black-ribbon one in memory of the massacre victims this spring.


Georgia and Grambling State both have logos based on that of my beloved Green Bay Packers, so I had to show them some sig love too:


And one for the preseason #1 football team:


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Could u make sigs for Maryland, Cal, and Youngstown State
UNC Please

I was just getting to Maryland and UNC, both of which are in my original set:


I'll do Cal and Youngstown State tomorrow maybe. I expect to get a ton of requests on this thread so I'll let them accumulate a bit and do maybe ten requests at a time. Meanwhile here are some more from my original set:


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OK, I've done the first few requested sigs. First though, I had to also add a couple more of my own ideas. First, my own alma mater, which I've already done as part of my multi-sig below and I would have included in my original set if I'd realized sooner that I still had it as a separate image:


This next one should require no explanation, least of all to Michigan fans:


And now, on to the requested sigs (on this post and the next one):


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