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Janet jackson haltime (peep) show


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It looks like part of the game will be the fall out from the peep show Janet Jackson treated the world too. People are flooding CBS with complaints and there are appologizies starting already.

What is our Veiw.

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My view is that I was looking of pictures of Hilary Duff (I'm only 17, so it's not totally wrong/disgusting) that my friend was pulling up online so I missed it completely. damn it.

Oh well, I was successfully able to decide that I'd take twin Hilary Duff's over the Olsen twins. Tough call, though.

* oh, and I also picked that someone needs to be held accountable.  It's just very not proper.  Nice!  but not proper.

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NOW, the real question is, who can post a pic of her tit here first?

I guess it was already STL, on another thread...  but this is interesting.. i thoguht it was a pastie, and so we didnt really see anything...


(Warning, potentially not safe for work, close up of tit and nip)

This shows otherwise.

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Well I knew the halftime was going to suck as soon as they said MTV and Jannet Jackson that is not a good combination.

BTW all the Jacksons are weird this proves it they are all from the same bark as Sicko over there at Neverland.

I half expected the halftime show to be the free Michale show to begin with. They should have clearly gone another direction to begin with.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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