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Missouri Bluebirds


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You may remember an older thread of mine about the same team, but my old concept saw my primary logo being an altered version of nitroseed's infamous Arizona Cardinals logo. So I have taken it upon myself to make an original logo, and now my team's identity also includes a secondary mark as well.

The Bluebird logo is close, but I don't think it's quite there. The two big things that bother me is the shading around the eye doesn't look right, and the other is that the light blue space seems too empty. If you guys could help me there, or say it looks fine and I'm crazy then that would be much appreciated.

The secondary is based off Wisconsin's famous flying W logo. I thought of that because of the recent suing of Washburn over their logo.

Anyway, I present the new and original identity of the Missouri Bluebirds:


As always C&C appreciated.

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While the nickname "Bluebirds" doesn't exactly strike fear into many, that is a pretty nice design you got going on there. The head is simple, yet the eyes make it slightly "threatening", for lack of a better term. And, I don't know why, but I like the 'M' logo and the wordmark. Their not a style of font I myself would typically use, which makes this even more appealing and refreshing. Makes me think I shouldn't disregard fonts so quickly. They're simply done, but I can't help but be positively intrigued by them. Nice job.

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Good start, I would say about 80% there.

Things that I notice:

1) Mess with the eye a little more. Have the dark blue area around it follow the brow of the eye. Right now, it looks a bit off.

2) Either beef up the silver outline or get rid of it. Right now it looks like an afterthought. I would probably just get rid of it or change it to the orange color.

3) Beef up the small dark blue divider between the light blue and orange. I would probably have it meet the dark blue around the eyes and beak.

4) The font is good, but tweak it by adding some rounded spots. That will help it match the logo more. Also, maybe point the serifs as well, to resemble the beak.

5) The lines in the beak need to be larger, especially the mouth line. You can get rid of the other small line, it isn't really needed. If you want to keep the small line, beef it up a bit so that it is noticeable.

6) I know what you are trying to do with the secondary mark, but in my opinion it doesn't really fit with the rest of the package. Maybe try an "MB" with a negative space shape resembling the main logo (such as in the B ).

7) The back of the head looks a bit fat, which makes the head look too big. I would tweak the back to make it look better.

I love the colors, you picked the right ones, and you are well on the way with the font. With a few tweaks this can be a pretty awesome piece.

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Alright, update #1:


Here's what I'm still not satisfied with:

-The shading around the eye still looks off, I'll probably come back tomorrow and mess with it some more.

- I like the MB logo, but I'm thinking about just arching it, no horizontal warping. What do you guys think of that?

I really like the updated font though, and I like where the whole thing is going. So any C&C would be great. Thanks a lot guys.

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You have a hierachy established in the colors on the primary that is completely ignored in the secondary, making it not fit. If you bring that hierachy and style into the secondary it will make it look good. If you want some help, you can send me a message or message me on AIM. I will be glad to help.

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