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I posted this originally way back in the requests forum, which turned out to the be wrong place. So, since I revisited the design, and the mods are asleep ;) , I figured I'd re-post it here and get some feedback.

The current design:


The original thought:


Last year's (also designed by me):


The difference in colour between this year's and last is noticable, but I'm guessing last year (since I don't remember) I took some liberties and darkened the colours from the league's logo a bit. This year's is following the league's actual colours a bit better.

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I actually like the darker colors, but if you're trying to keep them true to what the league uses, then I guess these will do.

Overall, a good design. One suggestion...find a better font for the numbers, or at least just fix the 2. No matter how many times I look at it, I keep seeing "zoo4".

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Yeah, I pretty much hate the 2 in that font as well. I tried editing it a touch, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference, from what y'all're saying. Of course, I now can't seem to find that font on my computer (I originally started this on a different machine, that I no longer have access to), and WhatTheFont? can't seem to figure out what it is. Ergh.

I tried the grey colour for that stripe at the top, and it looked kindof weird, too dulled (if that's a real term).

Hrm, I just realized that the white outline around the blue stripe that crosses the H is much too strong--I forgot to make it smaller when I changed the outline around the rest of the AHA logo. D'oh! I'll have to work on that at home tonight.

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I prefer the "original thought" version. Has more perspective as opposed the "current design", which feels a lot more flat. I find the perspective of the "original thought" makes it feel more modern, more Z004, if you will ^_^

Nice work Mockba, these are cool.

...and just to let you know, the moderators never sleep. But feel free to maintain that false sense of security. B)

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Well, I played with it more... and more and more and more, instead of going to sleep early like I'd told myself I would. :rolleyes:

Anyway, here's the current "latest" version:

[EDIT: I couldn't decide between these two, so I added the second.]



There are more versions in the directory.

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Well, I just realized that I like the strong thick outlines of the "original thought" also a little more than the drop shadow/multiple outlines... but otherwise this latest version is very nice. Sweet work, Mockba!

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