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"... Kind of ironic they used Joe's number backwards... Check out my other awesome auctions.... Good Luck."

That leads me to believe that this is a made up jersey for sale, thats not even including the fact they he just happens to have a one of a kind that they never ever used. :flagusa:

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That is a way nicer jersey than the proposed ones. I never liked that wolf logo, don't know why.

That said, I have a feeling this is a fake. The fact the CCM logo is not right at the bottom of the jersey like it always was is one sign. However, it has the NHL shield, like an authentic, and the elbow patchs sewn in. That said, the tag you can see in the collar is not a CCM tag. The CC is in red squares, the M in blue squares. In the tag, all we can see is a blue something, and it looks like it isn't a similar size.

Prognosis: fake, but a convincing one.

Also, what on earth is so ironic about using the number 91?

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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