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You have to be a baseball fan to like watching it on TV. It's kind of like golf. Baseball is just a sport with a lot of statistics, maybe that's why it's so fun. There's more to it then just throwing a ball, hitting it, and running as fast as you can while the other team goes after the ball.


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Go to the Yankee Stadium Bleachers... it ain't boring...

However, you are correct, on TV, the sport is a snooze-fest. Night games suck, Day games on TV aren't bad. The only thing i guess would to have better games, but even that doesn't draw fans back.

I don't know if there is anything you CAN do to make the sport more appealing on TV, other than more Day games...

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If you enjoy baseball, then watching it on TV is not a snooze-fest. Any sport is better live than on TV, unless you are so far away you can't see anything. Sometimes TV is better because you find out stuff you won't find out during the game unless you bring a small TV or radio, like players getting hurt, or seeing what's going on in the dugouts, etc. You don't always get good replays at the games (especially stuff happening against your team); Yankee Stadium doesn't have a good replay screen like Fenway or Baltimore. At home, you don't get some drunken dumbass standing up in front of you blocking your view (unless it's your brother-in-law :D ) or whiny kids screaming at the scoreboard. And if the game starts to suck, you can change the channel.

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april to september, i gotta sort of structure my week around 'cubs weekends'

can't make the trip to wrigley, so it's the next best thing :notworthy:

if i wanna get bored i'll watch a brewer game


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You know what makes Baseball great its on everyday. So just about every night durring the summer your team is playing and really helps the summer pass by smoothly.

Hey Discrim what do you think about them blowing up the Bartman Ball? since you bring up the Cubs.



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