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My First Custom Logo Jersey


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The logo's not bad, needs to be cleaned up in Illustrator and it should look good.

Not a fan of the jerseys however, the colour scheme is not appealing at all.

The black jersey, which should probably be either a forest green, or a navy blue, needs some light stripes, white/grey/silver, to seperate the dark colours from the lights on the jersey. See the triangles in the corners, as well as the arm stripes, you can hardly see the blue. The logo also needs an outline around it.

The backs of the jerseys, same thing with the stripes... and those letterings gotta go, the faux-shadow seems out of place, and the font isn't too great. How many hockey jerseys have you seen with lowercase lettering on the back? The colours here need to be re-worked because there is absolutely no chance that people will be able to read dark blue numbers on black with green shadows.

This wasn't meant to be rude, but meant to be constructive... you may think, "what the heck does this guy know?"... i've been viewing concepts for eight years, and am a design student at college... these things are burned into my brain... and when I started designing I got the same feeling when someone would correct me, but hey, they were right.

If you want, make some of these adjustments and I'll take a look.


Chris Creamer
Founder/Editor, SportsLogos.Net


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Hey, how do you get a blank page like that in FreeWebs? I have an account, but can only post my concepts under a link, not a blank space.

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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the blank page was when i right clicked and clicked on properties and copied the link

o and cc97 it dont offend me this is my first one

i changed it up a bit


and i got 2 more i made...tell me what u think please



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Sorry man I gotta say this there is not a single good thing about any of these concepts. I understand theya re your first and you shoudl get better with practice, but I judge on how I would feel if a team wore these and I would not want to see em in action.



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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LOL thats great i wont get mad i kno i kno they are bad... ^_^ im not mad...thanx for teh feedback i usta make other stuff and when id ask my friends how they were they would be like "awsome" and "great" even if it did suck im glad to see sum1 doesnt lie...

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Can't say I liked the Lightning concept at all, but I found a few things about the jerseys in general and the Whalers and North Stars' concepts individually that show promise... like the Whalers' readable font, the unique logo designs (not necessarily great, but you put the effort in), the North Stars unique number font, and the fact that you didn't grab a template with the preset lines on them, and just use the paint bucket tool to fill the certain regions in with different colours.

You have the creativity, now it's just a matter of honing your technical skills, and figuring out what works and what doesn't. Keep it up!

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