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The NSL's WTF Thread...


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The name's The NSL, and I'm a transplant from COF, Colours-Of-Football, although I go by my real name there.

Well, I'm gonna start off with some of my soccer designs here. My goal here is to not to make perfect uniforms, kits, jerseys, or anything else that comes to mind, but to make creative stuff so that you and I will all enjoy them. I suck at making my own logos. I will eventually branch off to other sports, especially college football unis. I currently have a broken computer, so it'll be hard to constantly update this thread. Alright, here I go.....


Here is a current Work in Progress; a "What If," as I made a New York Cosmos home kit, if they came back as a reborn franchise in the MLS.


Plymouth Argyle home, with argyle design. I was trying to catch up with gordiedelini for a certain project I was trying to do, but ended up failing on my side. When I get this fixed, I'll do an away, and fill in all the other stuff.


The last major thing I worked on before my monitor broke. It was for a contest against others on the forum. The rule included no back views. I reluctantly joined, but won in the end.


Seattle Sounders FC home concept, using adidas' Golpe template, before finding out the new original template. Was about to do more, but, yeah comp issue.....

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My USA MNT kit set so far. Was planning to make GK, training kits, and even a warm-up too for good measure.


Manchester United home and away, version 3. Should redo the away, and add a third.


Paris St. Germain set.


Spain away kit, old and new, LOL.....

I will add more of my older stuff later, but for now C&C is most appreciated.....

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Oh yeah, I remember you! Oi vey, things haven't been good ever since that lame rule for new interested members.....It's not cool when you can count the number of new active members for the the entire year (Including Gordie) on one hand there.....More of my oldies will be posted up in a few.....

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Okay, as promised, more of my kits!


After a lot of disgruntlement over the new red England away kit, I went ahead and made a sky blue away kit, seeing as though they had worn light blue before. The collar is supposed to be a zipper collar.....


My spin on an old USSR home kit.....


Juventus away kit.....

Some of my college soccer stuff are on deck.....

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Three ACC teams to start this one, as Wake Forest, Duke, and UNC were done by yours truly when I first started the kit-making thing:


I made a Texas Longhorns one, even though they don't have men's soccer: ut.png

And I made a set for the college I attended, the Liberty Flames:


C&C is most generous.....

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Dude, this kits are bangin'! I love me a good football/soccer concept, and these definitely fall into that category. My one suggestion would be to lessen your use of the gradient. Two of your projects (PSG and France) would have benefitted from its absence. Otherwise, nice job!

Engine, Engine, Number Nine, on the New York transit line,

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You can try, but then why, 'cause you can't intervene.

We be the outcast, down for the settle. Won't play the rock, won't play the pebble.

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I had an idea for a fictional team in a league over at COF. I had owned two teams, and one of them I personally did the kits for. The league's long been dead since, but I do plan on keeping it fresh in my mind, and I should keep designing for them; they're the Newark Industrials.

Here're the Industrials' set with the Ecko logo on their butts, LOL! (Yes I made them wear Ecko, even though they don't do soccer, but so what?)


And the version without them:


A third, intended for April Fool's Day:


And one for "throwback day" against the other team I owned, so you can see the logo, too (A friend made it for me!):


C&C, if you want to.....

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Thanks for the feedback so far, I appreciate that deeply!

In this post, I'll show my more recent work. Although my laptop's still broken, I ran from library to library with a floppy disk in my hand, and designing some kits along the way.....


Cuban home kit with the unused badge.....


Kyoto Sanga FC kit with my real name on it (also my username at COF)


My Lincoln HS (Jersey City, NJ) jersey, from my only year of playing with them, freshman year (2003). I played other sports, and graduated in 2007.

Currently, I'm restarting my USA MNT project, but I'll add Canada and Mexico for the hell of it. C&C optional.

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I really like how you incorporated the 50 stars on the navy shirts. Very well done. (I had to count them a couple times to make sure there was fifty.) If you adapt the red or white jersey to have 13 stripes, that would really complete the idea.

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More recent crap! For some odd reason, I couldn't seem to focus on my project I was working on! I do promise, however, that they will come!


Kashima Antlers home (Japan).


Same template remixed for the Poland national team (A contest on another site; Gordie also competed). A friend and I worked on this number, and although we lost, I liked doing it!


FC Kobenhavn/Copenhagen home kit, used in European competitions. Lost in a kit battle against a friend.


Hiroshima Sanfrecce (Japan) home kit in a tournament against a friend; I won by a narrow margin.


Club Deportivo Los Millionarios (Colombia) home kit.


Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan) Home and away kits.

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I'm currently thinking about redoing the MLS, too, but with no league-wide adidas bitch-ass ness (But most will probably have it), added teams, and some familiar stuff.....

Team/Tech supplier/Sponsor

Chicago Fire/PUMA/Best Buy

Club Deportivo Chivas USA/Reebok/Comex

Colorado Rapids/Kappa/None/Dick's Sporting Goods (Undecided)

Columbus Crew/adidas/Glidden Paints

FC Dallas/adidas or Nike/At&t

DC United/adidas/Volkswagen

Houston Dynamo/adidas/Amigo Energy

Kansas City Wizards/adidas/Undecided

LA Galaxy/Nike/Herbalife

New York Red Bulls/adidas/Red Bull

Real Salt Lake/adidas/XanGo

New England Revolution/Umbro/Samuel Adams

San Jose Earthquakes/Nike/Amway Global

Seattle Sounders FC/Nike/XBox Live/Xbox 360

Toronto FC/adidas/BMO

Total so far: 15

Added teams:

New York Cosmos/Undecided (They had multiple tech sponsors; I might lean towards PUMA)/None

That Philadelphia franchise scheduled to come in 2010/Undecided/Undecided

Portland Timbers/Nike/Toyota

Vancouver Whitecaps/Umbro/Undecided

A Florida or Southern Franchise/Undecided/Undecided

So, any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!

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Trust me, I'd rather make original kits for real companies than the actual templates for them. But, they will be the only team in the project that'll have a real template. Most won't probably like what I'll do to the rest of the league, but I don't give a damn. Oh, Real Salt Lake will be wearing Under Armour in my project, too.

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Club Deportivo Chivas USA/Reebok/Comex

Colorado Rapids/Kappa/None/Dick's Sporting Goods (Undecided) THROWBACK THIRD; USING PREVIOUS COLOR SCHEME AND LOGO

Columbus Crew/adidas/Glidden Paints


DC United/adidas/Volkswagen

Houston Dynamo/adidas/Amigo Energy

Kansas City Wizards/adidas/Undecided THROWBACK THIRD AS KANSAS CITY WIZ



Real Salt Lake/Under Armour/XanGo

New England Revolution/Umbro/Samuel Adams

San Jose Earthquakes/Nike/Amway Global THROWBACK THIRD AS SAN JOSE CLASH

Seattle Sounders FC/Nike/XBox Live/Xbox 360/Starbucks Coffee THROWBACK THIRD AS NASL'S SOUNDERS

Toronto FC/adidas/BMO

Added teams:

New York Cosmos/PUMA/None

Philadelphia Union/Reebok/Comcast

Portland Timbers/Nike/Toyota

Vancouver Whitecaps/Umbro/Air Canada

Tampa Bay Mutiny/Kappa/Undecided

I changed my list up. I'm still open for suggestions.....

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