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Kansas City Chiefs Concept


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For once I'm taking a concept one step at a time to try to get the best result possible.

I'm starting with square one; the logo.

I kept the same concept but modernized it. A sleeker, more dangerous looking arrowhead with a golden shadow/contour. I'm not sold on the colors, though. They remind me of the Niners. Anyway, i'd just like to get some opinions on how to make this better, because I know it's not perfect... yet..


Like I said, I'm not sold on the colors but I would like to get some direction from you guys on where to go from here.


Tried it with silver and the traditional yellow on the letters.


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Your arrow doesn't even look like a native american arrowhead. The sides coming from the tip should still be somewhat rounded, and the base of it should be much shorter and fatter. The angle from the sides to the base should be much less acute aswell. probably more towards 80 degrees. As for the colors I'd use the yellow for the lettering outline, and fill the arrowhead with the cream color(or is that supposed to be gold?). I'm not sold on the shading either.

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the chiefs are one of the main teams that need a uniform update but apparently their jerseys sell well so i don't expect it to happen.

i don't think there should be any black or black as prominent as this. i'd like to see them go to a darker red or gold instead of yellow. i just don't like red and yellow together for uniforms. it hurts my eyes.

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I have always thought the Chiefs could use an upgrade but I agree with Elliot, the first thing that bothered me was the font. if you do decide to go with a new font for KC consider having the in the K and the C connect so that the K isnt on top of the C and they are outlined by the same gold and black. Also I dont think perfectly straight lines portray an arrowhead as well as if you had at least a little "jaggedness". I like the font for "CHIEFS" although I know it's the same one as KC. It works for me there. if it were bolder I would like it even better

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I think the bevel effect really ruins the arrow. I think if there was any bevel, it'd only be on the pointy part - not the whole thing. That being said, I'm not sure how many NA arrowheads actually would have been beveled.

Also, I'm certainly no expert in NA artifacts, but that arrow doesn't appear to be very authentic. A quick Google search (is there anything that Google doesn't know?) revealed the below images. If you're going to stick with the arrow hear motif, you aren't really going to be able to do a very modern concept, unless you go the route of FSU, which IMO has done the best job of blending traditional NA imagery into a contemporary design.




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