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Vancouver Canucks


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Heres the 2nd to my Canadian 6 Redesign, the Vancouver Canucks. I just done this today on my murderous laptop, Ive had the design in mind for a while and also drew it out. Next up is the Ottawa Senators and the rest of the order below. Please Enjoy.


C&C Please.

Main Series.

Montréal Canadiens

Vancouver Canucks

Ottawa Senators

Toronto Maple Leafs

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers


Winnipeg Jets


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Blue is o.k., but the sleeves on the white one reminds me of the Predators sleeves that had people complaining it looked like a short sleves t-shirt with a long sleeve one underneath...

Again, clean but way too simple...

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It would look more complete with numbers and a name, and something on the shoulders couldn't hurt.

I don't mind the basic designs though, they're better than the ugly ones the Canucks have now.

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Not a huge fan of the template you used, it looks a little weird on the sleeves but most of all you can't see some important features. Like, the back view covers up a good portion of the front view, especially the logo. The concept looks incomplete, you need a shoulder logo, numbers, a waist stripe, and if you really want to do the chest stripe, make it go all the way around the back.

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