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Devils Third Jersey


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You probably could have taken more time, and erased all the white dots around the logo... the 'Jersey's Team' thing on the back looks dumb, too, but nice try. Instead of trying to recolour something, maybe do something more original and thought-provoking? Maybe a new logo or something.

CHL-2011ECchamps-HAM.pngHamilton Eagles- 2012 and 2013 Continental Hockey League Champions! CHL-2011ECchamps-HAM.png

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 CHL East Division Champions!

Niagara Dragoons- 2012 United League and CCSLC World Series Champions!
2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 UL Robinson Division Champions!

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There is nothing to say or critique that will improve this design.

Just chuck it and start again...

Harsh, but true. This attempt is boring and unimaginative. It needs something to make it stand out, not just flip-flopping the colors (on another team's jersey no less). If you're going to do that, use the Devil's template first of all. The black ring around the logo won't work on a black jersey, so that will need to change if you're going to use it. Back to the drawing board.

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Pretty plain, but OK for a first try. IMO try something other than putting the Devil logo on another teams jersey. Also, and I ran into the same thing on my first try of a concept, when using a logo with a black outline you have to but an outline around it or it will just blend into the black background and it will not look right. Keep trying, and learn as you go.

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