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We got busted - Illinois State put a stop to their logo


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WE GOT BUSTED - A "cease & desist order" was filed last week against our high school. Raytown South H.S. has been using the Illinois State Redbird logo for the past five years. While playing in the Missouri State 5A Championship Football Game in St. Louis , the ISU Redbird officials saw their logo on our helmets.


Though I coach the 8th grade team, we get our decals from the high school. The football program uses the logo on everything - our other sports use various forms of Cardinal logos, some of the logos are pretty lame. The official bird, that is painted on our school is this one - it looks like a sick pigeon.


There was a big article in the Raytown Post titled, "Let go my Logo."

We have the logo on the football uniforms, which they will allow us to continue to use through 2010. The high school will be getting new unis that year, we will have to drop the logo off all appearal, including Coaching Clothing. The helmet decal must not be used.

The good news is our A.D. is interested in our group here on the Boards as "Redeye" designed the logos for Raytown Central Middle School Ravens. She contacted me and we are going to be 'standardizing' the logos for both high schools; Raytown Bluejays (note it's one word, not Blue Jays, but Bluejays) and the Raytown South Cardinals.

More info will be posted later - so get out your "orginal' concepts as we will getting this project off the ground after the first of the year.

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Let us know what they're options are, I'd love to help work on one.

It was just a matter of time - I said it this past Fall to the head coach, I could not believe we'd gone this long w/o someone saying something to the school. Of course when your on TV and the team had a great year, it happened.

I'll give you details later - Thanks STLFan!

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Why redo the Jays if their isn't anything wrong with it?

I take it, your a Raytown Bluejay? Either way, there is nothing wrong with the logo, just needs an update.

What they want to do is standardize the use of ONE logo (the use of a primary, 2ndary or Alt logo).

At both schools, they use different birds for everything. They want to have an "official" logo.

This year, the Bluejays football team used the "official" logo on their helmet. I don't know if they are going

to change it (as it's on the tile to the entrance near the office) but the "Official Logo of the School" will be designated for

use on Sports Uniforms, t-shirts, letter head, etc. Raytown Central M.S. has a standard logo that is being used, no other

variations - just the official logo. South has one but it's lousy and everyone knows it. Raytown may not change, but they are looking into the idea.

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As an ISU alum, I know they updated their logo a few years back so I can understand them being a little protective of the intellectual property. In any case, regarding possilities for a replacement, I did put together my own version of an Illinois State logo just for fun, but I could alter it to accomodate another team. If anyone is interested, we can talk ;)


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I've seen this Cardinal when I've googled cardinal logos. It is a nice logo - simple & clean.

I have over the years grown fond of the ISU bird - no matter, we get a new logo out of the deal.

We also used the Louisville Cardinal for our middle school basketball logos. A few years back our

art teacher came up with the following logo and that is what we use today, except for our athletic

programs, we want a tougher/meaner looking bird.

Raytown South Middle School


The logo has a very good chance of coming from this group here on the boards. That's what my pitch

has been to my A.D. - she was very happy with the Raven logos that "Redeye" did for them.

We will be using the same procedure we did to get the Ravens logos.

I am glad you are happy with your current logo

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Here's the dorky logo that is being used as the official bird of the school. This is the sign on the building with a 60' bird on the outside of the school. People laugh we they see it. This is the bird used by the high school and they will be getting a new logo.

The middle school won't be, unless with adopt the H.S. logo, which is a strong possiblity.


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Here's the dorky logo that is being used as the official bird of the school. This is the sign on the building with a 60' bird on the outside of the school. People laugh we they see it.


That bird needs to comb its feathers. Messy!

Have they started a search yet?

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burgandyskins -

This is much better than what they have now. Nice work.

I have not heard from my A.D., she's been rather busy, it's Basketball Tournament Week here in the KC area and she's out of her office a lot.

I did find out they are doing the RS Cardinals first and then the Raytown Bluejays at a later date, as early as next Fall.

But that's not official, I'll keep you all posted.

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