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SC Force indoor football


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This is a logo that I was asked to do in September after posting stuff on this board here. It's for a new American Indoor Football Association (AFIA) team located in Greenville, SC that will play at the Bi-Lo Center. www.carolinaforce.com is their site. They released it to the public about three weeks ago (maybe there's a small chance a few of you have seen it) so I figured it would be okay to post it here if anyone cared to see. Any publicity for an expansion team is good, I would think. I was just posting on here in September to get feedback and improve on the stuff I had done, when I was lucky enough to be contacted by someone from the team asking me to do this for them.

They wanted an eagle representing the American Armed Forces which led me to design it in this patriotic, yet forceful manner. I guess it's too late for any C+C that I could make changes to since it's officially being used by the team already. It was originally just the "Carolina Force" so I did a whole series of logos with that name, and then it was later lengthened to "South Carolina Force" (probably because there is already an AIFA team called the Carolina Speed) and I did a series with that name. These are a small sample of the design combinations, since I did eagles facing both directions so each side of the helmet would have them facing forward, depending on which logo they decided to use them on their helmets. I think they will use the eagle alone, no words (at least according to the Columbus Lions schedule), which is probably the best choice. The one on the bottom right is the secondary logo but I have not seen them make use of this and do not know if they will. I thought it might work on the jersey sleeves or something.

Anyways, here it is if anyone cares to see and thanks to those of you who gave me feedback on past concepts as my goal is always to improve and hopefully will be able to do more projects like this if I am lucky enough.


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the team may agree with you too BigBad since I have not seen them use this yet if they ever will. IDK. It might be a little too abstract, but personally I got used to it. I was trying to emphasize the lightning shape, star and the force behind it and the eagle head, but maybe I didnt pull it off just right.

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Matter of fact it's the one I like. Great representation.

I believe this is the most artistic logo for an AIFA team. (BTW, the Thunder team has better identity than NBA's thunder)

Congratulations! Good luck for your future, bud.

How about the helmets?



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Very nice logo - clean & simple. I like the use of the star as part of the bird. Well done!

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Congrats on a terrific looking design, and an even bigger congrats to having it actually be used by the team. I look foreward to seeing the logo put to use on their uniforms. That is a very cool thing to have happen and I think it's something everyone who has done a concept idea would like to have happen to one of their ideas. You are truly one of the lucky few who have had this honor. Great job.

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