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Sopranos Connection


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Who watched this week's episode of the Sopranos?

If you did then you saw a house I am some what familar with.

The house where Tony's Cousin and Aunt live is a house where my mother baby sat for a few years. Its in Newark and its the house where a firend of my mother lived, they did some filming there last year so I knew it was coming, but not when it woudl show.

Its located in North Newark.

Also of note I was in 3rd and 4th Grade at the time my mom was baby sitting here and since my school was a few block away I went there after school for a few hours each day.

In addition I went to Christmas Parties at this huse every year until 2000.

So when yo watch it and see Tony ringing the doorbell I rang taht smae bell, when you see him looking out the window I looked out that window, and in fact one Christmas dressed up as Santa for the kids and sat in front of that window.

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Paulie is the best. Gotta love the WINGS.

Meadow........WOW.........yep not too many other words right now......damn she is fine.

Thats pretty cool Tank, you and "T" run into each other? I wouldn't cross him. B)

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My old clock radio was in HArry and the Hendersons.

I realize that doesn't really compete--but I had to say it.

Funny you should mention clock radio my old clock radio taht I had to throw out just in Novmeber appearead on teh Sopranos too. Considering I got it a t a locla Walgreens I guess it was easy for them to get too unfourtnley it devloped a short so it had to go. :D

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