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Tweakin' the T'Wolves


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I have had this idea in my head since the Wolves introduced their new uniforms. I remembered my idea while watching the Cavs-Lakers game last week (Cavs were wearing their alternates), and have been working on it here and there ever since. I would like to say that this looked way better in my head, and I tried as best I could to put it on pixels. I eliminated the 20 outlines on the numbers and script and stuck with just one. I think that their numbers would work better if they didn't have all the extra outlines on them. I brought back the trees to the rest of the uniforms, I am pondering if I overdid it? Solid stripes on the sides and brought back the black alternate.

C & C please.


UPDATE: or this one. I took off the trees from the collar to try and fix the "tree-overload".


Any suggestions on how I can make it better?

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Not really feeling the trees down the sides, maybe as a Christmas alternate, thats it. The "Wolves" wordmark also looks off-centered to the right a little bit. The single outlines seems to get lost because they are close either the number or jersey color. Maybe do double outline such as a light/dark/light outline on the home and dark/light/dark outline on the away.

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Hmmm. I loved the trees, but there are too many in version 1. Version 2 just doesn't look natural for some reason. It is a downgrade, but it still doesn't look too bad. Maybe just put the trees on the collar and make the side panel an interesting design to fit the rest of the Wolves' set instead of it being just straight.

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