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Generic Cardinals SB Jerseys


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What's up with the NFL Shop selling generic black and white Cardinals jerseys with the Super Bowl logo on them? I was looking to see if the NFL Shop website had any Kurt Warner replica jerseys with the Super Bowl logo on them, and while they do offer some less popular players' jerseys in the actual style of the Cards' uniforms, the jerseys available for Warner and Fitzgerald are generic looking black and white jerseys with the bare bones look of the Cardinals' actual jerseys. Did the NFL somehow run out of normal Warner and Fitzgerald jerseys and is instead substituting some quickly designed practice jerseys that look very little like the actual jerseys the Cardinals will take the field with in Tampa and are yet still charging $85 for them? Am I wrong to think the NFL's gonna try to rip people off again with these "limited-edition" Super Bowl jerseys or am I not giving the NFL enough credit for capitalizing on people's stupidity when they buy these bootlegs?

Link (jerseys of interest are the three at the top of the page): http://www.nflshop.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2237478

By the way, the NFL Shop does not have any Steelers jerseys that resemble these.

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I think when they run low on a particular team's stock, they simply take the Raiders template (the most plain "generic" one out there) and mass print other team's graphics on them.

That explains those Steelers replicas in 2005 that didn't have the sleeve stripes that went all the way around, the Eagles jerseys in 2004 that didn't have the colored cuff / collars, and these. It's just more noticable on these because the Cardinals' regular template is so fancy.

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