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California Angels Concept


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First, an explanation for the name change. The Angels obviously want to disassociate themselves from the city of Anaheim, but they aren't located in Los Angeles either. The only option left is a revert to California, which I actually think rolls off the tongue rather well. As for the colors, I started by making the halo in the script yellow and ended up converting their entire color scheme to red/gold. I think it makes them appear more unique than yet another red/blue team. The scripts were created the MLB font package I downloaded from this forum ages ago. The sleeve patches wrap all the way around and are meant to look like halos.

Some more of my recent MLB concepts (I'm going to eventually do all 30 teams):







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Too mcdonaldsy for me. Even viewing the sleeves from the side, itd resmeber an elongated versrion of the arches. I kinda like what youre going for, but its a miss for me for version 1 anyways...


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Too McDonald's-y. Why is the NOB on the homes plain red when everything else everwhere else is red outlined in white and yellow? Inconsistent. Also, "California Angels" is a lousy name for a team that shares the namesake state with four others, so you were in trouble right out of the gate.

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I think the Alt is the one that really carries the "McDonald's" problem.

I like the idea that you had on the sleeves, but I don't think it works out.

The rest of the marks aren't anything really original. It looks like you just grabbed the MLB Angels font and then did a photoshop radial arching on a text layer. It would look a lot better if you made a rounded path and did a text-to-path arch instead.

I don't think you need the white border around the letters, red-yellow would suffice. It makes sense to do two borders on the alt, but I think you probably want to draw that one up again anyway to lessen the McDonald's criticism. It might do you well to change the shade of red to something a little less bright.

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