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Is Carl Lewis Gay?


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It has been rumored for a long time he is and it didn't help matters when he appeared in a Magazine ad wearing womens high heels.

And speaking of endorsements ever notice Carl Lewis never had a whole lot of endorsements?

That is part of the rumor, that companies are reluctant to have hom do commericals for them becuase of all the whispers.

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This makes me sick. It's his business, leave him alone. He's a great American athlete, Americans should appreciate him for whoever he is, and stop listening to stupid rumours.

I agree! We're way past the days of homophobia! Get over it.

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Hey, I'm just trying to find out about something I did not know about before. If anything, we should comment on his singing ability.

Or his guest appearance on that one episode of Perfect Strangers where Balki showed him how to make coffee.

Good times. ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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