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So of course with the Lions changing their uniforms for the better this year I had a go at them. I didnt want to change the logo as I felt that using a new logo might ruin the throwback look so, contrary to rumours, i kept the logo as it is and just removed the black.

Im pretty happy with jerseys and socks. I've put all the combinations in so you can get a feel for which ones work best.

As always C&C is always appreciated!





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I like everything except the white and blue pants. If you were to get rid of one or both of these it would be great. The white pants work the least and the blue pants should only be worn with the white tops. I've always hated the black they added a few years back.

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All of these look great, except for the monochrome home, but I have a problem with the idea itself.

The Lions don't NEED a throwback look. If it were up to me, they'd stay far away from anything that happened in the last 50+ years and start fresh. New logo, new jerseys, hell, maybe even some new colors.

Not saying that doing any of those things would turn the team around faster than getting better personel and staff, but hey, it couldn't make them any worse (seriously, you can only stay the same or get better from 0-16). Besides, it worked for Tampa Bay :P

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Very nice. Clean execution. Basic without going to blah. Maybe a thin white outline on the numbers on the color jersey and a thin dark grey outline on the numbers on the white jersey...I dunno. Something about the numbers needs to standout (pop?) more....

Overall: A

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