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Bohob's MLB Redesign Project


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I came upon this series, and first of all I want to commend you bohob for all the time and effort put in to this project. It was most definitely a labor of love. My favorite was the Padres, and the Astros had a nice feel to it too. Many unique changes. The Twins one was clever, but when I see a green hat, I automatically think Oakland Athletics.

The red digits on the front of the Dodger jerseys are a must, but I love what you did w/those logos too, especially the diamond. I love that you got rid of the red in the Pirates stuff, I just wish the road uniforms said "Pittsburgh" instead of "Pirates".

I do love the red Red Sox cap, I think they should have that at least for home games. I love the red outline on the "BOSTON" road uniforms, something that is sorely missing from their current road uniforms.

I too wasn't into the Orioles caps in orange. It reminded me too much of the old Astros and the Astro set that you made on here. An orange brim and button on the top of the cap is fine though.

Really nice use of art with the Royals, between the lion and the crown resting on the "O" in Royals, and the Mariners Poseidon head. The only complaint I have w/the Mariners uniforms is that the lettering going up and down like that makes me feel seasick.

Overall, a really interesting and unique set. Thank you for sharing all of that with us, I hope I can track down other concepts of yours too sir!

Kindest regards,


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