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Favourite Auto Racing Series


Which Auto Racing Series do you prefer?  

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NASCAR is fan friendly, and easy to watch here in America.

IRL and CART have great fast cars, but they really killed eachother. CART probably won't be around much longer, even though it may have been better than IRL. Now, IRL has absolutely killed it. There is gonna have to be just one league with a more fan friendly atomosphere before an American open wheel racing league gets nearly as popular as NASCAR.

F1 sounds hard and great and all that, but there just isn't enough outlets to keep up with it here in the States.

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F1 and Nascar are like soccer and north american football.

Cart was the best circuit back in the days of Villeneuve winning the Indy 500 with the Players' team... then came IRL, the death of Greg Moore, etc... and my interest in Cart waned considerably. Way to go Carpentier, Tracy, Tagliani, and all you Canucks out there, but I'm just not that interested...

This Instigator Comic from this past summer basically hit my perspective of today's Cart series on the head.

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