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Are the colors set? if not, the "lizards" text could stand to be a darker color, so as to not blend in with the lizard himself.

Maybe even an emlem/shield/logo on the lizards chest? I love him standing oin front of the words, his elbow looks like he'd almost be leanbing on them, if they were bigger.

I love it. It looks cool, yet very age-appropriate! Nice touch on the aluminum bat, too!

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Far be it for me to criticize your beautiful illustrations.

But your logos seem to be very representational.

I think they are beautiful, but they are always so static. The Wordmarks tend to be in the way, or too big for my taste.

I think im so New School, that I tend to shudder at things that dont look like the bold, dynamic, almost superhero type logos that are popular today.

I think all of your designs would work amazing on a t-shirt, but i dont know how they would look on a jersey, ya know.

But ill say this, you can draw like a sumbitch, and your illustrations are magnificent.

My only complaint is that they look like charachters, or mascots more than logos.

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I agree with you to some point...however I can create the the more uniformed and cookie cut-out designs but most people come to me with the idea that they will get something different. With the technology we have today we can print and uses logos at this detailed level.

As well keep in mind that I usually jazz up logo for the web adn paper printing. When the logo actaully goes to a jerseys it will have some reduction to it.

I just like different, cool, and fun logos.


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IDon- I totally understand you could, thats quite obvious. Your illustrations are amazing, and hilarious!

I LOVE goofy logos, i posted the ones i made for my league about a month ago, well all ill say is that one has the 'Dirty Sanchez" as a artistic direction...so.

I think my critiques should have been directed towards a logo with a different intended audience, because this IS perfect for kids.

I think everything ive seen from you fall under that category. I understand you do that on purpose, im just a loudmouth that blurts a lot :D I guess im a crested shaped logo kinda guy. Potato-Po-Taa-Toe

Good stuff tho, always.

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