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Baltimore Torchers


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OK, I know that the voting hasnt been done yet, but I wanted to share my concept, and get some C & C. My team name is the Baltimore Torchers, the full explanation is in the Trifecta Thread. Hopefully I'm not posting to soon, just wanted to get this out there and get some C C. Thanks.


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OK...I went back to the Trifecta thread to get the background...and this is a fail on a lot of levels.

First off every and all the sports teams in Baltimore have had a very direct tie to the city, from the Baltimore Orioles the full name of a real species, to the Ravens a tie to EA Poe who wrote the poem in the city.

Now having been born and raised in the Baltimore metro area I have NEVER heard it referred to as Mob City... Charm City yea, Monument City, yea, the City that Reads, yea the City that Breads, yea...even Mob TOWN. But mob city...NEVER.

So I would scrap the name, or at least the tie to mob city?!?

As for the logo...it is a mess. The person looks like a Simpson's version of an Easter Island head. Then it has this stalk of an arm? coming out of its chest holding a match. Then it looks like you liked the match so much you used the stamp tool and plastered them on the basketball. And the black square thinggy...what is that. So...I hope you didn't spend a lot of time on this.

Now if you want unique Baltimore names... Blaze ( the city was destroyed by a fire in 1904 and the name of a world famous stripper), the Marauders ( the B-26 Marauder WWII bomber was made in Baltimore), the Defenders ( after the defense of Ft. McHenry) the Banners (after the Star Spangled Banner), the Steamers ( the way we cook crabs), the Mob ( it was a mob that attacked the Union troops on the way to DC that some say was the true start of the Civil War) and Locomotive Baltimore ( the area was the birth of the railroad in the US). And that is just off the top of my head, a little research and I am sure you could find a few more.

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