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3 Nhl Third Jersey Concepts


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Here are a couple of the "Avenger Classics" Wurldwyde was talking about. The concept was inspired by the Saintsfan contests a while back. Basically, an old indentity for a new team.




San Jose:



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Those are really good man. The white Colorado one is a bit too much like Montreal's current whites, especially with the C. Would it work with blue shoulders? The Sharks one is classy. That logo is great.

As far as the previous unis, they are simply AMAZING. I always adored the Dallas one, but that Canadiens one... I am in awe. An alt. jersey that isn't to radical for traditionalists, and that fleur-de-lis logo... WOW! The Philly one is amazing as well... I'd buy any of those jerseys in a second (well, maybe not the Flyers only cause I hate the team, nothing to do with the jersey :P )...


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