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Brave-Bird's College Football Fix

Brave-Bird 08

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My NFL redesign is still a work in progress, mainly because I want to authenticize my work by going back and creating svg. versions of the logos I did, using a personal page template, and switching the uniform designs I did to the newer template I am using.

However, I also got carried away drawing up some college football stuff as well, and wanted to post here.

My series starts with UGA. Here are the changes, and reasons why.

- I wanted to add the Bulldog logo they have used on some memorabilia items, but really has never been seen as an offical athletic logo. There literally is not a quality picture of this logo on the net anywhere! However, I did find an image with it and stenciled it on inkscape. I added it to the logo package, but left it off the uniforms because it just looks awkward when it is minimized.

- I could not find any motivation to redesign the helmet, or home and away jerseys, however my main goal was to add a pair of black pants.

- I also gave the alternate black uniform a more modern fix with silver numerals and names.





I know the design did not change, but I figured Georgia just needed some tweaks and additions rather than an overhaul. I'm going to do Georgia Tech next, which will feature a major change.

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