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Colorflow Icons


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I wanted to give you guys a little taste of what I have been up to lately. Like some other members here, I have a DeviantART account. I stumbled upon an icon set called Colorflow. There are several very talented artists that are creating these icons, and I am the unofficial sports guy in the group. Below is some of my work. If you want to download the PNG files, they are on my DeviantART page They are all 512x512 so if you have the program to convert them into icon files, they will work on Windows and Mac.

I want to make it clear that I have not converted these into icon files the way Avenger23 has. He is the king of icons around here. But for such a large project and so many artists involved, I'm proud to be the only one in the group that is doing sports related icons.

It's not my template (obviously) but it has been released for download in PSD format which is why there are so many contributors.

Here are the previews to the NL Icons:




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You have been watched as well!

Yes, I am going to do all of the sports. Even international Soccer. A great deal of the people doing these are from Europe so I'm sure they want to see some soccer.

However, I plan to do all North American sports first.

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Anyone else notice the lack of the 'u' in the word 'league' on the images?

I did. But by the time I noticed, it was too late and I had already posted them on DeviantART. Nobody really cares though as long as they get the icons.

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How do you convert them into "folders"?

You will have to convert them using a program like Axialis IconWorkshop.

However, I will be converting them all in about a week or so, that way no one has to shell out the $65 for the program if they don't want to. I do highly recommend getting it because it's really cool. I just downloaded it, so I wanna kinda work with it and get to know the program before I start releasing icon files (Just in case I mess up and have to do them all over again)

Hope this helps.

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Again, with the help of Gingerbreadmann, I have now completed the Cubs retired numbers.

As many of you know, the Cubs display their retired numbers on flags. So that is why they are on flags here :)


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It's certainly not uniform though...


Maybe it's supposed to be white and got dirty, but I can't just make it blend in because it certainly doesn't. Even if it was another shade of white.

Well, just make the yellow lighter. Right now, it stands out too much.

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