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Canterbury Bankstown NRL retro logo


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I'll keep this short as I don't have much time...


  • Full bodied Bulldog is back
  • CB "Berries" monogram is included
  • Vee saddle in background looks to be a sign that the classic jersey is returning


  • Should have used Berries shield shape
  • Dog lacks the aggression of previous versions (going for a family friendly image after a decade off-field issues, no doubt)
  • Vee in the background is overkill especially when it will be viewed on a jumper, they had an option for the butcher stripes as well, that was my preference
  • Fans also voted for a return to the Canterbury-Bankstown moniker, logo only contains Bulldogs. Bit of an identity crisis even though the CB monogram is there
  • Not a fan of the heavy use of Black

All in all, right intention, wrong execution. Better than the old logo by lengths though.

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Nothing outstanding, but it certainly beats that blind bulldog abstraction they've been using. Any idea as to whether the "CB" insignia could signal a return to the team officially labeling itself as Canterbury, instead of just "The Bulldogs"? I mean, the announcers seem to still call them that all the time, regardless of what the official name might be.

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It's a tidy update of the 80s era dog - I like it. Bit disappointed they're not pushing Canterbury-Bankstown more, but oh well.

The name change was only very recent, last week I think. The logo has been around nearly 6 months.

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I love the retro-dog. I've seen quite a few bulldog concepts on here, and being used by colleges in the US, but am yet to come across a bulldog image better than the old Canterbury one. The modern update should be better for most uses on screen, in print, on merchandise etc.

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