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New Late Late Show logo


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I really like the new intro. The part when he has the puppets while on top of the bus was my favorite part.

Also, I like the changes associated with the new logo. The show seemed more fresh with the updates.

Now, if only CBS can get him a new set, especially if/when Letterman leaves and Ferguson doesn't want/get the "Late Show".

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A step down graphically, but a step up branding-wise: this appears to be a very, very subtle hint that when David Letterman retires (either in 2010 when his current contract expires, or in 2012 when he reaches 30 years on the air to match Johnny Carson), Ferguson will replace him.

Letterman already extended through 2012 earlier this summer. Late night TV is a crazy game and I think it's way too early to speculate that Ferguson will get the call whenever that time comes.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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