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Dud Missiles And Broken Hockey Players


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Well, to honor April Foo's day, Go Pale Hosers!

that aside, haven't done this in a while and i may as well announce i'm working on moving the site (again) so i thought i'd let everybody know. The current acronym for Discrimihater Uniform Design is, well...DUD, so the name's changing too, to Discrimihater Productions. Main reason is, i wanna get rid of that DUD.

having said that, i wanna bitch about the Graphite Jayz. but everybody here's done enough for a whole front page. So I'm gonna dedicate this to the people who can't think of anything better than to take somebody else's logo, do ONE thing to it and tell their client it's an original design. it was...the first time around. For past references, see our recent posts on the Waco Marshals and the ABA. If the team/organization gave permission, fine by me. Good example being St. Cloud State's arrangement with the Canadiens to use their C with the ST inside(SCSU must pay the Habs for its use). If not (like the Waco incident), you'd figure nothing would be done unless you wind up getting on TV (ex. Grand Valley State football using a ripoff of the Peoria Rivermen logo a few years ago).

now, we turn to the Memphis Grizzlies...I can't really believe it either. Take The Logo, Hubie Brown, Jason Williams(no, not the one on trial, not the one who crashed his motorcycle, the white one), a Spaniard, a Dookie and some other guys...what do you get? this year, your first ever winning season and playoff berth! Jerry West...you, sir, are officially the greatest GM in the history of sports.

Lastly tonight, a little random searching pointed me to football fields. football fields in Italy. i knew the Germans had taken to our gift of gridiron, and to a lesser extent the Brits and Irish. And I knew they play in Italy...however, the Italians caught me off guard by actually playing the variant known as fiveman. makes me wonder about that blurb about hockey in the Middle East :hockeysmiley:

til tomorrow, i leave you with the Highbury Acapella Quintet :P

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hockey in the middle east?

hmmm.....about as good a reason as any for my international hockey project to get the Lazarus treatment :hockeysmiley:

shocking but true...i hear they've taken to it somewhat in the United Arab Emirates

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