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Goalie Mask


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I was looking for a Skunk design due to the fact my roller hockey team stinks, right now I have a skunk sticker I had made.

We have no name, but I call us the stinkers.

Or I was thinking Swiss cheese.

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I actually got commissioned a few weeks ago to do a skunk logo.......for a fantasy football team.

We've been down this road on threads before. I just dont know that a goalie helmet is something I (or someone else) can put together and email to you or whatever.

Differing helmet manufacturers and styles, plus it's "in the round". Pretty much a custom thing each time I would guess.

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The best i can do is a mock up... i have a goalie mask template... I have designed a few in my day... back when i was photoshop only... scary isnt it... makes me shudder to think of working in that solely...



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can someone make for me a goaliemask templates. i am wondering if you can make two goalie mask templates. the first one is a blue kangaroo like this one


but a full blue kangaroo looking at the shooter (not like the kangaroos logo but a full one) with a olde tyme goalie mask that the pink panther is wearing on Roberto Luongo's mask. i would like the kangaroo be in front of the US Capitol building. can the other one be a goalie goalie like Steve Shields when he was with the bruins but instead of Gerry Cheevers behind the mask, i would like it to be a blue kangaroo. i would like to have the loch ness monster be on the front of the mask instead of stitches. on the back i would like to have verital strips like this


on the back of both of them.


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