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Lyle Alzado Unifrm mystery?


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This is Lyle Alzado's 1972 rookie card. What jersey is he wearing?

He was a Denver Bronco from 1971-1978 so there's really no chance this is another NFL team. I've never seen any other Broncos wearing a jersey with a shoulder "crest" like this and this page shows that no other Bronco in the 1972 (or 1971 or 1973) Topps card set was wearing anything like this.

He went to college at Yankton College in SD. The college has been closed since 1984. However, when they were still around their colors were brown (or black) and yellow/gold.

He wasn't picked for a pro bowl until 1977 so it's not an "all-star" jersey. Yankton College was a tiny NAIA school and Alzado wasn't a well known pro prospect so I don't believe it's likely that this is some sort of college "all-star" jersey either

I've seen this card dozens of times but never thought of it as being odd until I saw it again today. Any ideas on what it is? Is it just some odd practice jersey?

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It could be an All-Star Game

Remember the Blue Gray Game


I suppose it could be, but I don't think that it is. First, I've never seen anything anywhere that said Alzado was in any sort of college all-star game. Second, Yankton College was a tiny NAIA school in South Dakota, the players didn't get any press nationally and so they likely wouldn't have been considered for any national all-star game for these reasons. Finally, the circumstances of Alzado's being drafted implies that he was not known to be a pro prospect. A Broncos scout had a car break-down in Montana, passed the time by watching film of a Montana Tech game vs. Yankton College where he noticed Alzado and the Broncos drafted him the next year in the 4th round.

I also notice that the numbers on the uniform is different from what he wore throughout his pro career. I have no information on what number he wore in college. But again, the colors aren't even close for Yankton College.

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Well, at what level did he wear 82?

In that All-Star game, look at roster (link in my last post).

Yeah, I was just reinforcing your post as to the "big mystery" of what team it actually was.

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