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Penguins Concepts


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While I love the Penguins home jersey and think it's arguablt the best in hockey, I don't like the way they translated it to the road; the gold stripes are hardly visible. Thus I created my own versions of the road jersey, one with the old (now secondary) logo and one wirth the current. I also created my own version of the dreaded gold alternate. Lemme know what you guys think.

Penguins Alt.

Penguins Road w/old logo

Penguins Road w/current logo

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The gold seems a little too lite!


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Let me get the "I HATE VEGAS GOLD" statement out of the way... *whew* There. I'm better.

What I like about the alt: The homage to the late 60s look. Honestly, though, I'd rather go whole hog and do that in ice blue.

The road sweaters: Of the two, I prefer the Skating Penguin... It's still dicey, but it isbetter than what they have.

What I'd really like to see is the current roads with the vegas gold replaced with real Pittsburgh gold... I took the liberty of trying it... (Apologies, chaz, for ganking your design like this)

Pens Road Sweater w/"yellow" gold (c/p)


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