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This Week's Sign Of The Apocolypse


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I had a feeling you'd be the first to respond to this Joel.

I like seeing the Tigers succeed, and I'll really enjoy it if they can beat the Yanks at least a couple games out of the series they play.

Or the Tigers make the playoffs and the Yanks don't.

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If the Yanks didn't make the playoffs we'd know the world was off its axis.

*Shudders at the thought of the Red Sox winning the division*




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Good for the Tigers, you can win games. Just let the Royals win the division. Make it as a wildcard. That would be cool.

too bad (not really) jeff weaver isn't on the tigers anymore, or else we could see another sweet bench clearing brawl between my boys and yours, EZ.

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I thought this week's sign of the Apocolypse was the Rangers' pitching thus far (three games, ERA under 3.5). :shocked::blink::shocked::wacko::shocked:

This takes the cake.

I understand that the Tigers being 3-0 may be a big deal, but Detroit does have some real talent. They will be a very formidable opponent this year. Maybe a few years from going for the division, but they will cause headaches,

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the tigers are about to be 4-0, they just had a 5 run 2 out rally in the bottom of the 7th to go up 9-4 on the twinkies.

edit: bam, home run by eric munson in the 8th.....10-4

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THey are starting to remind me of the 1989 Orioles. In 1988 the Orioles started 0-21 and finished with 108 loses then challened teh Blue Jays until the end of the season for 1st place.



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The true sign of the Apocolypse is that the following teams are playing good ball:

  • Tigers
  • Brewers
  • Pirates
  • Devil Rays

and that the Cards and Jays lost the series to the Tiggers and Brew Crew

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