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Okay, so these jerseys are for bmac's new blog Wild About Design. I just wanted to get some C&C and get them as sharp as possible before he posts them on his blog.

I'll start out with a little introduction to my concept. Currently, the Wild have a fairly traditional look (with the exception of the away jersey). They have simple block numbers, conservative designs, and a generic primary jersey logo in terms of how frequently used that type of design is in the NHL. When I think of Wild, I think of sharp angles, intimidating designs, and unique uniforms. I also wanted to increase the amount of beige used a by a small amount. It is a very unique color to any sport, and I wanted to incorporate it a little more while still keeping it as the third color behind green and red, 1 and 2 respectively. That's what I seeked to do here.

Home Jersey:

I wanted to go back to green for the home jersey. I feel like it fits the team name better, it fits the state better, and it is a more unique jersey color in the NHL than red is. I strayed away from the generic logo-in-circle decal on the front of the jersey and went back to the bear head. I also went back to the original number font, which they currently use on their away jerseys only, because, again, I feel it fits the team better than a block font. The stripes are supposed to complement the logo, the numbers, and the team name. They are also pretty unique compared to any other stripes in the NHL. I am not so sure about this aspect of the jersey, but this is why I am coming to you guys for C&C: the shoulder patch. I used the circle logo for the shoulder patch because I think it serves better as a shoulder patch. Much better than the shoulder patch of the away jersey, with the 'Wild' script. The reason why I am hesitant on using this as the shoulder patch is because it presents the bear logo once again. I don't like using the same logo twice on a uniform, but I wasn't quite sure anything else would look better. Well, that's all I really have to say for the home jersey, so here it is:


Away Jersey:

Basically the same idea as the home jersey except with an extra outline around everything.


Alternate Jersey:

Okay, I wanted to keep the same design for this jersey, but make it red. The red jerseys are pretty popular here, as well as the circle logo, so I decided to keep the circle logo on one jersey, and I elected for it to remain on the red jersey. Now, here is where I switched things up a little. I feel that third jerseys are jerseys that not only do something out of the ordinary, but also try and connect directly to the fan base. I think it is awesome when the fans are even more excited, and the atmosphere is even more wild, than normal because it is a third jersey night. So, what I did isn't completely radical, but out of the ordinary a little. I added the State of Hockey logo to the shoulders of the third jersey. This should give a direct shout out to the fans and I would hope would increase team pride slightly more than a normal night. But that's all I really did different to the third jersey, so here it is:


C&C would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a small tidbit. Enjoy!

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I really appreciate that you made the smart decision NOT to go with that terrible "bear head in circle" logo. The bear head, on its own, is a great logo and should be as prominent as possible. The circle logo the Wild use adds nothing to the logo and only makes the head smaller.

Overall, I really like your home jerseys... Red and green just strike me as Christmas (a winter holiday for a winter sport), and I do think you used beige properly, so that it serves as an accentual color and not overbearing.

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