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When were these NBA uniform changes made?


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I noticed Michael Beasley's shorts last night had the "MH" logo on the front of the waistband.


Some quick research through Yahoo! Sports' photos produced the following:

Away w/ MH


Alternate with hoop & ball


When were these logos added to Miami's shorts?

Also, I noticed Oklahoma City's shorts had script on the back of them.

Home w/ Oklahoma City


Away w/ Thunder


Lastly, I know the Hawks added the red alternate this year, but does it say "Hawks" on the back of the shorts?


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I guess this could qualify for this thread...I can't find a picture but it seems Adidas is using a different Star logo than the one we've been seeing. The star logo was on the court for the celebrity game yesterday and has been in a couple of Adidas advertisements.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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