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US Soccer Concept


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As a huge US fan, I like these designs. The presentation of the kits is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoy the way that you have brought them to life with all the close up details and the small things many people would over look. The DTOM logo in the neckline is cool as well.

One suggestion, and it has two purposes. I suggest flipping the sash to go the opposite way. First reason) it is more historically accurate to any sash we have ever worn. Second reason) with the sash in its current orientation, the crest kind of gets lost on the red background. If the sash is the other way, then more emphasis is placed on the crest. Right now, the Nike logo stands out because its by itself, and it seems more prominent than the crest. Manchester City did this with their recent third kit, and it looks great. I'm not sure I like the curvy striping on the shorts, but its subtle enough where its just personal preference. I'm digging the little star motif you've used throughout.

Overall great job! A quality kit that I would be proud to see my country wear, and would definitely purchase if it was real!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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