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Introducing The St. Clement Anchormen


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I think it's a good start overall, shiz. Very sharp craftsmanship, as per usual. However, my problem with the main logo is that the placement of the wordmark in relation to the symbol looks very arbitrary to me. I can somewhat see where you might have tried to tilt the anchor to give it some visual interest, but I don't think it's a successful solution. I'm fearing that simply aligning them together might make it look oversimplified, but I could be wrong.

The uniforms I don't have a problem with at all. They're very basic, but that isn't a bad thing, especially when it's a college team. Good job on those.

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Very clean uniform concept Shiz...the helmet reminds me of Boston College. Better choice of fonts (Eras over Crillee) for the numbers...Crillee doesn't look that good on unis (see Toronto BlueJays).

I agree with Nitro, you need to do more with the anchor than just tilt it. Too bad I can't think of anything off the bat which isn't contrived, (Anchor for A or O in Anchormen, for example).

And since you have Nike on your uniforms, and one of my closest geographic rivals in the NCFA, I can officially hate you now :D

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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Agreed with all above comments. Very clean, crisp design. Well done on that. The unis are simple, which is good.

The anchor vs. Wordmark. I agree. The wordmark seems tacked on. jpslapshot had an idea with the A.. maybe tilt the anchor the other way, and use the point as the a?

Not sure, but see if you can play with it. Maybe pull the point of the anchor over top the wordmark to give it all depth.

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