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MInnesota Yeti


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Hello everybody. This is an idea born of the Frostbite stuff in the requests forum. I was playing around with the idea of a Yeti for that guy and strayed from it as time went on. Anyway, I figure these guys could play in Duluth in some sort of minor league.Even though Yeti are believed to exist in the Himalayas, I figured Duluth is cold enough. Comments and critiques are, as always, welcomed and encouraged.



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It looks more like a gorilla to me. I still like though, nice work!

Side story: When I attended University of Minnesota - Duluth I helped start The Frozen Yeti Film Festival on campus. The trophies were faux gold plated yeti/abominable snowman figures. We could have used a nice rendering like this one (less fierce of course) for our promo materials.

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