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Islanders Concept H & R


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Ok, now I can judge. Take the orange out of the away and home Reebok logos, make the logo white on the home. At the moment, the jersey looks like a game of use the fill tool. Try adding more original lines to the jerseys instead of fill tool stuff.


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I'm trying to venture into the world of concepts. I only have Paint available so nothing too fancy here. I got the template from here.



I really like that you used the Lighthouse Logo as a shoulder patch, I think it was the best part of the Fisherman Identity. Not feeling that striping pattern however. A hokcey jersey should never have both horizontal and vertical stripes on the hem. One just needs to look at the Flames current uniforms to see how horrible that looks on the ice. Like the sleeve stripes however. Just fix that one issue and your on to something.

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