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2010 NCAA Football Thread


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Ultimatley the NCAA is a fraud and the only ones who have to live by the letter of the law are athletees who cant even get a simple tatoo for an autograph.

This was only the BCS' sanction Tank. The NCAA's (if any) is pending.

Granted telling the Fiesta Bowl to give a million dollars to charity....which is kind of their theoretical raison d'etre to begin with as a nonprofit is rather comical.

And the NCAA is (presumably anyway-poor Youngstown State is probably going to take the bullet for OSU) more hacked off over the whole "Tressel deliberately obstructed the entire thing and lied about it to the NCAA to win a Bowl game" bit than the actual offense. Now those automobiles that were bought for (far) less than fair market value...

Really the joke here is that Boise State got slapped with the "lack of institutional control" bit and Ohio State hasn't...yet.

Meh, I hope not. Sad thing is, more YSU grads would be happy that they're taking the bullet for OSU instead of OSU taking it. <_<

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