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8-bit Battle


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Aight, this is for all you 80's children who have lung problems due to excessively blowing the dust out of your Nintendo cartidges.

I've decided to host my first contest. The objective: to design a uni form based on a logo from Tecmo Bowl or Roger Clemens MVP Baseball. Here's the ground rules:

-You may make evolutionary changes to the logos, but not a total revamp. For example, a switch like the 49ers and Eagles made in 1996 would be cool, but nothing like what the Buccaneers did the following season.

-You may change the colors to a different shade of the same basic color. i.e. you may go from royal blue to navy blue or carolina blue, but not royal to green.

-For the Tecmo teams, you are NOT reqired to stay with white helmet shells and apricot facemasks. Also, give the team a logo-appropriate nickname.

-If you choose to, you may "move" the following teams (and change the initials accordingly) to another NFL city: Miami, Cleveland, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.

-You may not change the nicknames for the Roger Clemens teams.

-For Roger Clemens, in addition to the regular logos you may choose to do a franchise in the post 1993 expansion cities based on the following logo:

Florida - San Diego Suns

Colorado - Cincinnatti Big Cats

Arizona - LA Apaches

Tampa Bay - Chicago Swords

Voting will be done at 8:00pm Central on Sunday April 25. Unless Discrim objects, I'm going to yank his idea of awarding trophy icons. The prizes will be as follows:

3rd place - An NY Rebels cap.


2nd place - An authentic "Indiana" Eric Dicker jersey.


1st place - The Tecmo World Bowl Trophy.


And here's the logos:


Top (L to R): Miami, Indiana, Cleveland

2nd Row (L to R): Seattle, San Fran, Dallas

3rd Row (L to R): Denver, LA, Washington

Bottom (L to R): NY, Chicago, Minnesota


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Ehhhh what the heck...

Cleveland Dinos

These colours were really hard to use right. If I don't win, it was a worthy experiment. Nice creative contest MilTown.

Those look great! Red on green can work if done carefully and you have achieved this. Nice work.

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Maybe I should submit it to them... :D

I was checking out the UWM site... Isn't that lettering on their jerseys the same lettering the Brewers used a while back?

Unfortunatley, it is. They chose the ooglay-ist unis the Brewers ever wore to base their own unis from.

I mean, they play at Hank Aaron Field. If anything, they should use the Milwaukee Braves "M" and...

...wait, I feel a concept coming on. Stay tuned.

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